Aluminum Boats for Professional Mariners

Barbary Cove builds commercial grade aluminum boats for professional mariners.  We build skiffs (22’-27’), landing crafts (20’-56’), patrol and fishing boats (20’-35’), and RIBs (20’ – 35’).  Our vessels are semi-custom construction based on proven hull designs, tailored to the requirements and wishes of each buyer.

Professional Designers

Our hulls are designed by Steve Pollard of Specmar Marine and Bruce Cope of Bruce Cope Aluminum Boat and Design.  Steve has over 40 years experience in designing and building aluminum boats.  He is the author of an excellent book on aluminum boat construction, “Boat building with Aluminum: A Complete Guide for the Amateur and Small Shop”.  Many people consider Steve the best landing craft designer in the world.  Bruce Cope has over 30 years experience in America’s Cup sailboat racing, building 100s of aluminum boats, and as a designer.  Bruce is the exclusive designer for Coastal Craft, a builder of yacht quality aluminum boats in British Columbia.


          Professional Design

You may rest assured that all Barbary Cove hulls are professionally designed by trained and competent small vessel designers.  Profession design assures you of safe and efficient operation in all sea conditions.  Unlike some builders, we will not expose our customers to potentially unsafe vessels that have been designed by untrained people.



          Strong Construction

Our hull designs are based on aircraft style box construction with transverse framing (usually spaced at 30” - 33”) and longitudinal girders (usually spaced 16” – 24”).  A water tight bulkhead divides the bilge into two distinct compartments, increasing vessel safety in the event of a collision.  Hulls are further reinforced with flat bar longitudinal's; 1 ½”, 2” and /or 4”square tubes; and aluminum angles or T shaped extrusions.  Hull sides are reinforced with interior hull frames and exterior hull stiffeners.


Cargo Capacity

Our vessels are designed to carry heavy and bulky loads in a safe and efficient manner.  The forward sections of our vessels are carefully balanced to promote load carrying while retaining rough water operational ability.  Our cargo decks are flat and sufficiently high above the static waterline for self-bailing.  We feature high freeboard to increase load carrying ability and seaworthiness.


Efficient operation is essential for professionals.  Our hull designs provide sufficient deadrise for rough water operations, but avoid extreme deadrise due to inherit operating inefficiencies.  Many of our hulls feature a delta pad to enhance “hole shoots” and to increase hydrodynamic lift underway.  Our hulls are designed for appropriate bottom loading.  We avoid poor operating control due to underloading and an inability to plane due to overloading.

Exceptional Value

All vessels are computer aided designed with a computer cutting file.  CAD eliminates full scale lofting and makes for a truer boat.  It also substantially reduces shop time and construction expense.  This enables us to build excellent vessels for the least possible cost.
Aluminum vessels are light and therefore fuel efficient.  Aluminum is virtually maintenance free, eliminating seasonal maintenance costs. Aluminum construction is robust and long lasting, with an anticipated operating life of 40 years or more.  Due to the numerous advantages of aluminum construction, you will enjoy excellent resale value should you decide to sell your vessel.


Barbary Cove is proud of its build quality.  We offer a one year warranty on the complete vessel and a five year warranty on the hull for commercial operation.  The warranty is transferable, should you sell your vessel during the warranty period.

Delivery Time

Our vessels are custom constructed to your specifications.  Normal delivery time is 2-6 months, depending upon shop schedule and the scope of the project.  Call for an estimate of delivery time for your vessel.

Order Process

We collaborate with customers to determine their mission and required needs.  We develop the vessel specifications and then quote a guaranteed price and build time.  Upon mutual acceptance of the vessel design, price, and delivery date, we enter into a written Vessel Construction Agreement.  We require a down payment at the signing of the Agreement and two or three progress payments.  Upon substantial completion, the vessel will be sea trialed with the customer and punch list items will be corrected.  Final payment is due upon delivery and before shipment.


Our vessels are proudly built in the United States. 

Questions or Inquiries-

If you have questions feel free to call the owner of Barbary Cove:

Jim Bower

Cell - 425-301-6016



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